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Ganna: Download latest MP3 songs online

Ganna is the best Mp3 search engine which enables its user to download the varied types of music files. The reason behind its popularity is its search engine which is the fastest. For this reason, the downloading of music will take place without any hassle.

Furthermore, to provide you with your favorite Music, this platform supports several types of Operating System. Along with Android smartphones and tablets, it supports iPhone and PCs as well. In this Mp3 Downloader, you only require entering the name of the song, album or movie. Even this excellent downloader can search for any sort of song by the name of its artist.

In addition,Its database holds a big collection of all types of music files, including songs in different languages. These millions of songs are sort out in different categories like Featured, Top 10, Latest, Old, and Modern songs. Moreover, its powerful crawler enables the easy access as well as scans the Internet efficiently.

Thus, Ganna is the best Mp3 Downloader that serves you in providing high-quality online music. Additionally, it has a capability of downloading songs at the band rate of about 128 kbps+.

Furthermore,A user will find Gaana as the best website for downloading online music files because it offers excellent features. Including natural search and song preview option. Not only this, you can even download the MP3 files on your smartphones to set them as your caller ringtone. This is another reason that this amazing Mp3 downloader is counted among the big platform for unlimited downloading. Another amazing thing about it is the downloading of files occurs in few seconds and is completely free of charge.


There is one important point which cannot be skipped. This website does not offer any music itself. Instead, it provides links for the users from other public web domains to download the Mp3 files. Along with it, it enables the conversion of Mp3 in the best possible quality.

Key Features of Ganna:

For the introduction of its key functionalities, in here we have mentioned some of its astonishing features:
  • With Ganna, you can select as well as can download the music files from a collection of millions of songs.
  • In this downloader, you will get the benefit of making a choice of a song in different languages.
  • As mentioned, the powerful crawler is capable of scanning the entire Internet in a go. Plus, provides you your desired music in the fastest manner.
  • It makes the conversion of the files possible. Therefore, directly you can convert YouTube videos to Mp3 form. For this, you only require pasting the copied URL of YouTube link to the website. First, it will do the conversion task afterward you can download it on your PC or mobile.
  • Also, it offers a cutter facility. In other words, you can cut the extra portion or part that you don't want from the song.
  • Ganna analyzes the music files in a quick and perfect manner due to its powerful crawler.
  • Even you can preview the file you wish for, before downloading it.
  • This Mp3 Downloader is faster and completely safe.
  • Also, with the help of Ganna, you can set the downloaded MP3 file as your ringtone.

Ganna: Free and Quick downloads of Music

This website is considered as the best as it enables you to download the music in various languages in an easy and quick way. In addition to this, it let you download all types of music for completely free of charge. Yes! You read it right. This is a free Mp3 Downloader. Therefore, for free of cost, you can download as many media files from Ganna. Also, it enables the downloading of songs on different platforms. Thus, it doesn't matter whether you are using smartphone, PC or tablet. You would get the best quality of songs in a legal manner from thousands of od websites.

Furthermore, when you use Gaana website, you would be able to download the music in two different ways:
  • Lets you Download Gaana directly on your PC directly in a Mp3 file.
  • Enables Ganna songs to download straight on your Android smartphone.

With the help of the following steps, you would be able to download songs on your Computer System:

  • At the first place, visit the official website of Gaana and in here, search for your desired Mp3 file.
  • If you are interested in enhancing the search then reach to various category of music search engine. Now click on the manage sources and then on available search engine option if you want to include them in searching.
  • Even you can search the song by typing the name of the artist or title. You can paste the URL of the video as well.
  • This will open a pop-up window with the options to either play or download the music file. Afterward, click on download icon.
  • Now, you will see a list of varied options such as share on Facebook, Download and save to the cloud for downloading.
  • At last, your selected song will take a download in the default folder of all downloads.

Download Ganna on your Android phone and tablets: One of the best things about Ganna is the procedure of music downloading on Android devices is very simple. There are two ways to download the Mp3 files on your Android smartphones. They are as follows:

  • By the conversion of videos from YouTube to Mp3 format on your device.
  • By directly searching the Mp3 file for downloading.

First: Conversion of YouTube videos to Mp3 file:

For this method, you would require downloading music only by doing a simple conversion. Though, first, you would have to convert the videos to Mp3. Furthermore, with the help of this simple method of conversion, you would get the best quality of music within a few seconds. You just need to follow some simple steps that are mentioned below for YouTube video conversion:

  • At the first place, go to YouTube website.
  • By typing the name of the artist, song or title, look for the YouTube video that you want for downloading.
  • Copy the URL of the video now and visit the YouTube converter page on Ganna website. Paste it in the available text box field.
  • Click on download option and it will display you two choices; Mp3 Download and Mp4 Download.
  • Select 'Mp3 Download'. Consequently, the YouTube file will get convert to Mp3 files within a few seconds.
  • As soon as the file conversion will finish, you will get the downloading link.
  • At last, click on this download option and the file will take a successful download.

If you wish to download the content from any other website rather than YouTube; click the 'Show Source' icon. This will activate 'source through' option. Select the respective check boxes of sites, with which you want to download your favorite song. Also, there is no requirement of file conversion if you are using a website other than YouTube.

Second: Direct Search and Download of music:

Easily you can search for an online song and download it straight on your Android device and PC. This best platform offers a few simple steps to do so. In here, you will find the downloading process of music on Android device for free. It is as follows:

  • First of all, go to Settings> General> Security, on your Android device. In here, you would require turning on download from “Unknown Sources”.
  • Now, you would require visiting the web browser of your device. In addition to Google search for the official website of Ganna.
  • It will open the home page of Ganna website. Now in the search field, enter the name of the song, title or artist to search for the song.
  • You can even manage the sources by checking the available search resources. It includes PromoDJ, 4shared, Soundcloud, YouTube and much more.
  • There is an option to play the song live by taping on “Play Now” icon. Otherwise, you can directly tap on “Download” button.
  • Now, it will open a new window where you would find options like share on Facebook/save/download. Tap on Download once more.
  • Next, you would need to select the location where you want to save the file. Also, you can choose the default location for saving the Mp3 file.
  • Afterward, downloading on your device will take place automatically within a few seconds.

Mp3 Cutter Option:

After downloading the media, with the help of Mp3 cutter you can cut off any unwanted part of the music. In addition, it is beneficial in two ways, they are mentioned below:

  • It completely cut out the silence from a Mp3 file.
  • You would be able to change the length of the Mp3 file.

Cloud Saving:

The latest upgradation of Gaana includes the ability to save any Mp3 file on the cloud. Also, it enables you to save the files to different cloud servers. Including Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. With a simple click on “Save to Cloud” and then by selecting the cloud service, you can save any file in the cloud.

Secure Downloads:

With this website, you can download each and every song files in a safe and secure way.

Legal Downloads:

Ganna offers an authentic way to download the music files. Therefore, it is legal to download any song from here. However, you are not allowed to download any copyright music.

Supports Mp3 format:

You can download only MP3 format for any downloading content. In case, you find any content of another format then you would require converting it first. Even after the conversion, Gaana offers you the downloading in the best sound quality. As well as it optimizes the file size which is suitable for your mobile's memory.

Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Gaana Download


  • Ganna is a famous and absolutely free Mp3 downloader site which provides you a better way of downloading the music.
  • Also, in different languages, you can download your desired song from a collection of millions of songs.
  • Along with the search result, you get a detailed information about the file.
  • It is a perfect opportunity to download YouTube playlist. It is not limited only to this, as it provides you with other options as well. In other words, you can do the online music downloading from other different resources too.
  • Thus, you can search and download tons of online music and that too at an incredible speed.
  • Furthermore, the quality of the downloaded music files is very high.
  • Additionally, the facility of Mp3 cutter facilitates you to cut off any undesired part of the song. Also, you can alter the length of the song utilizing it.
  • You get the freedom of downloading any number of songs from Gaana for completely free of cost.


There are a few dark sides of it, though all the bright sides cover them up very nicely. These are only to keep certain boundaries. Below you will find some of its disadvantages:

  • Primarily, it supports MP3 format. Thus, in case, you get any another format then you would require converting it first to Mp3 format.
  • It does not allow the downloading of any copyright file.
  • Sometimes, it may show you irrelevant search result.
  • Many times, it displays a pop-up of plug-in installation for audio encoding.


After considering all the aspects as well as pros and cons of Ganna, we came to a simple conclusion. Just like other things, it too holds some drawbacks. However, these flaws are negligible when you take a look at the advantages it offers. Therefore, Ganna is the best Music Downloader which enables the free of cost Mp3 files. Moreover, you can download the music on various platform and in best quality. In addition, the apt design of this website offers several amazing features which make the search of the song effortless.

Also, it helps you search the song through a wide list of several sorts of songs from numerous zones. Even in multiple languages, you can easily download your music file. It includes English, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and much more. But most important point is it facilitates the song downloading for free.

Furthermore, with the help of this wonderful website, you would be able to search and download the song from Ganna. Additionally, it offers the perfect way for the downloading of the music file on your Android device and PC. Plus, there is a music cutter which is helpful in cutting off any unwanted part of the song. Also, it useful in setting the ringtones from the downloaded songs.

Above all, this best music downloader website which offers free download enhance your experience. And, provides you a convenient way for downloading music files, that is Mp3.